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Online Medical Second Opinion Consultation

Online Medical Second Opinion Consultation
Physician specialist consultations for over 1,200 diagnoses
Online Pre-Adoption Consultation

Online Adoption Consultation
Medical expertise for parents preparing to welcome an adopted child in their lives
Online International Pathology Consultation

Online International Pathology Consultation
Pathology readings completed by specialized pathologists for patients outside the United States
Online International Radiology Consultation

Online Radiology Consultation
Radiology readings completed by specialized radiologists for patients living in the United States and internationally.
Online International Radiology Consultation

Online Plastic Surgery Consultation
Cosmetic Plastic Surgery Consultations are evaluated by Cleveland Clinic expert who specialize in a specific category.
Online Pediatric Behavioral Health Consultation

Online Pediatric Behavioral Health Consultation
ADHD second opinions for patients in Ohio
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5 Signs of Bad Nutrition Advice

There’s no shortage of people willing to give diet advice. But if you get bad advice, you could fail to lose weight or, worse, you could develop nutrient deficiencies that seriously affect your health. Use these five warning signs to weigh advice on the one thing none of us can live without: food.

4 Top Questions About Radiofrequency Ablation for Afib Answered

If medications you’re taking for atrial fibrillation (afib) aren’t working anymore, there is another option: radiofrequency ablation.

MyConsult Second Opinion Program Not Only Benefits Our Patients, But Our Physicians Too

As demonstrated by a number of MyConsult Success Stories, patients can experience multiple benefits from obtaining a MyConsult Online Medical Second Opinion Consultation. Cleveland Clinic physicians Jason Knight, MD and R. Douglas Orr, MD say the physicians who provide these second opinion reports can enjoy multiple advantages as well. 

Prostate Cancer Treatment Options (Video)

If a biopsy shows that you have prostate cancer, there may be several ways to go with treatment. Some types are potentially 100 percent treatable and curable.

You've Been Diagnosed with Colon Cancer - What's Next?

Whether it comes through a routine colonoscopy or because of worrisome symptoms, facing a diagnosis of colon cancer is never easy. You probably have questions about your short-term options and long-term outlook.

MyConsult Success Story: Louisiana Native Avoids Major Surgery for Spinal Stenosis

Since receiving his second opinion report, Chuck has recommended MyConsult to six other colleagues and acquaintances.

New Ways for Patients to Get a Second Opinion

This article from the Wall Street Journal highlights online medical second opinion services.  

How a Second Opinion Can Help You With a Difficult Diagnosis

In recent entertainment news, celebrities have talked about the importance of seeking a second medical opinion when you face a serious medical diagnosis.